Crystal Infusion water bottle
Crystal Infusion water bottle
Crystal Infusion water bottle
Crystal Infusion water bottle
Crystal Infusion water bottle
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Crystal Infusion water bottle

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Crystal Infusion Water Bottle

Gem elixirs are a definitely a thing right now, and these water bottles by Aqua Gem are bringing this age-old concept into our modern lives.

The Crystal Infused bottles are a double walled bottle made from sustainable Bamboo, BPA free glass and comes complete with it's own stainless-steel tea infuser and a neoprene protective sleeve.

This makes this bottle not only suitable for hot and cold water but also easy to clean and suitable for day to day use.

The stones are firmly secured inside a separate compartment ready to infuse your water. with their own individual energies. You can also change the crystals or add your own blends in the future without having to purchase more bottles, a great design feature making this a very practical Crystal infusion bottle as well!

Why are the crystal separated from the water?

Some crystal are toxic and should never be placed directly into water. Common crystals such as Aquamarine is toxic and contains aluminum. Lapis Lazuli in water is classed as Poisonous.

Another factor not often considered is that crystals are often tumbled and you just don't know what chemicals maybe used in this process as well. 

Why risk it?

By purchasing this bottle you can use any crystal and also have the added benefit of never having to wash and clean the crystals as well. Of course you can cleanse them regularly in the moon as normal and as needed.

Crystal Infused Water Bottles are available in 3 combinations


Red Jasper - Root Chakra - Balance

Carnelian - Sacral - Identity

Citrine - Solar Plexus - Personal Power

Green Aventurine  - Heart - Love

Sodalite - Throat - Speech

Amethyst - Third Eye - Intuition

Clear Quartz - Crown - Divine power


Green Calcite - emotional balance

Green Aventurine - All round healing

Rose Quartz - Love and compassion

Clear Quartz - Clarity and amplify the other stones


Citrine - Manifesting

New Jade - emotional healing

Malachite - transformation

Clear Quartz - aplification

Research proves crystal Infusion works

A scientific survey by Institute Hagalis which is an international research laboratory for the quality analyses of edibles, water and other substances provides proof of this design for effectiveness through scientific analysis.

A neutral sample with tap water from Ueberlingen at Lake Constance, Germany and a sample of the same water treated in a crystal infused water bottle where the crystal are separated were examined.

Results of the survey

  • distinct improvement of tap water quality
  • neutralisation of harmful substances
  • improvement of the pH-value and oxygen content
  • increase in bioavailability of minerals
  • raising of energy balance
  • increase of vital powers
  • quality level otherwise only known in natural spring water

Whether you’re a believer in crystal healing or not, there’s no denying these water bottles look absolutely divine!

Size: 9 × 9 × 30 cm

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