Joys Holistic Story

           Joy Fairhall Mind Body Joy

As founder and owner of Mind Body Joy my clients would often ask me where to purchase various products that I had used in their sessions or I might have recommended they try. They'd often ring me saying they didn't know where to look to buy products they were interested in, or if they did buy were either disappointed in the quality of items or seemed to pay a huge mark up for the word Holistic for inferior quality products

"This set me off onto a path of looking to buy quality products that I could provide to my clients in a one stop Holistic shop". 

What I found in my research was that what my clients were telling me was completely right! Products and items were of varying quality, cost and often labelled holistic when they definitely were not. Often something marked Holistic or natural or Eco had a huge mark up just by focusing and using the latest buzz word.

'Over 2018 I sourced and tested quite a lot of products for quality and I'm now proud to announce the opening of Joys Holistic'

Here at Joys Holistic you'll find a range of products designed to compliment your Holistic life. Collections include

and more.

I'm so proud and excited to be able to provide products for not only my clients but to all who are looking to look after their whole body each and everyday.

As someone who is qualified in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and many other Holistic therapies I truly combine my Life into a truly Holistic Life

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Have an amazing day

Live Holistically Live Life and

Fill Every day with Joy

Joys Holistic